Dear Dr. Har Hari & Nirinjan Kaur:

There aren’t enough words to express our joy and gratitudes for all of your kindness and your dedication to heal others.  Your wisdom in seeing and holding Nirinjan’s insight about Cyberscan is so right for all of us. Sahib Singh’s knee is 90% better!  I am just so overjoyed that he has overcome his reservations to see this healing is truly possible.  And for me, I feel an overall vibrancy settling into my body as well as the relief of the irritating skin issue. Thank you, thank you. ~ G.B. Altadena, CA 7/2014


BTW, my blood tests were better this last time. The oncologist says the numbers are moving in the right direction for the first time in probably the last 6 months. Not sure if the reason is your remedies, the echinacea I am taking, some anomaly or the Grace of Guru Ram Das, but it is good news. ~ S. Singh Herndon, VA 8/2014

Ever since I started on the remedy I have been feeling good! It’s really amazing stuff. I am a bit perplexed if it’s the remedy or I’m just naturally getting better. But I do believe I am better no matter the reason. And I do give credit to the remedy. 🙂 ~ D.G. Marin, CA 7/2014

Whoaaaa!!!! I ALREADY feel a calm. The pain level is down maybe 5% but the calm to handle it is like 75% improvement from my normal 0%. OMG. Thank you sooo much!!!  ~ C.L. Beverly Hills, CA 6/2014