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Urban Healing Retreats

3 day

5 day

10 day

(Based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan)

Come join us for a Healing Transformation of a lifetime. We have

compiled the most comprehensive healing modalities from the

Teachings of Yogi Bhajan and created the Ultimate Healing experience.

This retreat is designed to fully upgrade you on All Levels…

physical, mental/emotional and spiritual. You will leave with a

completely renewed self and the tools to continue on with a lifetime

of true healing.

The retreat includes:

  • Kundalini yoga for self-healing,

  • Yogic diet with traditional foods that have been used to heal on the

deepest level for millenium ( also cooking classes ),

  • Ishnan cold water therapy ( considered the most

powerful form of healing on the planet by a 1000 times ), Wim Hof

method to create health, happiness and strength,

  • Advanced Bio-energetic healing using the world’s most powerful tools to analysis

and correct energy imbalances and replenish the subtle energetics on

a cellular level.

The daily routine will include all of the above modalities.

A typical day would start off with a powerful Kundalini

Yoga set followed by a Wim Hof breathing session and cold dip in a ice

bath. Followed by specific reheating exercises. Then a healthy warm

yogic meal of healing mung beans and rice and Yogi Tea. The

afternoon will consist of therapies at the THU clinic, Which

would included cyber-scan reading and frequency remedy, Biocharger

session, Sigma instrument reading and spinal adjustment, migun jade

infra-red shiatsu therapy, Ozone therapy, restorative PEMF session

with light and sound session, narayan oil ice massage therapy, sun

session to reheat and increase Vit. D and mitochondria function.

We will finish our day with another Wim Hof breath session, Ice dip and

reheating yoga session. Dinner will be a yummy Yogi meal of Mung

beans and rice fresh veggie salad and Yogi Tea. Finish our day with a

gong bath and evening fire ceremony/meditation.