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Ultimate Transformational Healing Cleanse

at Sea Princess Castle in Palm Coast, Florida

Come join us for The Ultimate Transformational Healing cleanses at Sea Princess Castle in Palm Coast Florida SIGN up for 1, 2 or ALL 3 Cleanses today.

Organic Juice Cleanse

October 2-9, 2017

A rapid method to detox and rejuvenate the entire body on a cellular level. Benefits include increase in weight loss, vitality and mental clarity.


  • Daily Kundalini yoga and meditation
  • Advanced Bioenergetics healing 
  • Personalized Healing Program
  • Self care education and daily routine

Organic Inner Klean Cleanse

October 11-19, 2017

A Feast - not a fast: Indulge on 3 organic meals daily prepared specifically to replenish your body of essential minerals. Tone, detoxify and balance your mind, body and spirit, as well shed Excess Weight & Emotional Baggage.


  • Daily Kundalini yoga and meditation
  • Powerful Polar Ice Therapy
  • Learning Yogic healing techniques as taught by Yogi Bhajan
  • Customized Chinese herbs & detox bath
  • Advanced bioenegertic healing 
  • Personalized health evaluation 

    Water Cleanse

    October 21-29, 2017

    Water is the most powerful method to stimulate natural stem cell production for rapid healing of chronic health conditions and clearing emotional mental stress at its root. 


    • Personalized medical monitoring 
    • Self care education & daily routine 
    • Daily gentle yoga
    • Sunbathing