Spinal Alignment technology Spinal alignment is important for over-all health as your brain and spinal cord is the conduit of your life-force energy and is connected to every cell of your body through the central nervous system. If there are any misalignments in your spinal vertebrae or cranium it will interfere with optimal cell and organ function. We use the most advanced spinal analysis and alignment technology available. The Sigma Instrument is a NASA designed spinal analysis and alignment system that will reveal specific misalignments in each vertebra and then deliver a very specific and gentle correction to bring better alignment and ultimately more Life-Force to heal your body. In addition to spinal correction, we also check the alignment of the Cranium as trauma to the head can cause over-all mal functioning of the entire nervous system. We use Bio-Crainial Therapy to painlessly and efficiently correct any imbalances in the cranium so that you have full expression of Life-Force to every cell in your body.  In addition we also enhance your alignment with various supporting technology such as the ceragem jade roller table for deep tissue release, class 4 far infra-red laser therapy for pain reduction and deep tissue healing, Rapid release therapy for immediately releasing chronic pain, iteracare for Meridian balancing and stem cell regeneration and Zone healing for balancing all the bodies important body systems.