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At the cellular level:

This high powered therapeutic laser uses the proper laser wavelength, power levels, and microelectronics to maximize treatment success.

  • Treat Pain
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Accelerate Healing

The depth a laser can penetrate into the body is determined by its power density.
The Epoch® 980 penetrates up to 4 inches of biological tissue while maintaining an effective power density. It is a true 980 nm 20 watt continuous wave laser.

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What makes Epoch® Lasers unique?

We have gone the extra mile to conduct independent studies that have helped us determine the required amount of energy necessary to stimulate photobiomodulation at various tissue depths and tissue structures.

Independent 3rd party studies
The studies demonstrate the depth of penetration achieved by the Epoch® 980 while maintaining the appropriate power density for efficient and comfortable photobiomodulation up to 4 inches deep.
Treat a full range of issues
We are confident in treating issues ranging from superficial to more complex injuries experienced by athletes. Our laser is a genuine athletic advantage, reducing downtime, accelerating recovery time and enabling athletes to return to their game quickly.
A true 20-watt continuous wave laser
It operates at 1 wavelength of 980nm. This wavelength has the ability to penetrate deeply and works on all skin colors without losing valuable energy in the epidermis.

By combining these attributes, the Epoch® 980 is an efficient, dependable, and powerful tool for clinicians to get their patients back to enjoying their favorite activities.
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