Extracorporeal magnetotransduction therapy (EMTT) is a noninvasive, painless outpatient treatment which is used to treat patients suffering from degenerative joint disease, osteoarthritis, chronic back pain, and overuse injuries.

During EMTT, high energy electromagnetic pulses are applied to the body, penetrating to even the deepest areas of the affected tissue layers. Treatment is typically painless, lasts about 20 minutes, and patients have no limitations immediately after therapy. Depending on the severity and chronicity of the condition being treated, anywhere from 4-10 treatments may be needed.

Studies have shown that patients suffering from many musculoskeletal conditions including sciatica, rotator cuff tears, muscular spasm, arthritis, and hip pain may benefit from EMTT, which is known to improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and relax tight muscles.

EMTT is convenient — patients can remain fully clothed during treatment! Is important that sensitive electronic devices such as smartphones, smart watches, and credit cards not be near the EMTT treatment machine since it employs a very powerful magnet.

During treatment, most patients do not feel anything at all! Depending on the location of pain and degree of inflammation, some patients may feel a slight tapping sensation or stimulation of muscles in the therapeutic field.

Unfortunately, EMTT cannot be used in patients with pacemakers or other implanted electronic devices. However patients with knee, hip, and shoulder implants may still be eligible for treatment with EMTT.

EMTT provides relief for many patients after 4 -8 sessions. Treatments are usually spaced out in 1 week intervals, but for acute conditions 2-3 treatments per week may be appropriate. In some chronic conditions, treatment may be extended if clinically necessary. Similar to what we see with Shockwave therapy, with EMTT long-term results may not be immediately apparent. For this reason we like to follow-up with patients about 6-12 weeks after therapy has been completed The results from EMTT therapy are generally long-lasting and therapy can be repeated if necessary.

If you are suffering from an acute injury or chronic pain and are interested in what non-invasive EMTT can do for you, please call Transformational Healing Universe today to schedule your first appointment. Let our dedicated and professional staff help you understand your treatment options, so you can make informed decisions regarding your pain treatment. We want to help you achieve your desired goals as quickly as possible and take the first step toward a life free from pain.

When the Stemwave ESWT is used together with EMTT, the two technologies form a dynamic duo that produces results that no other therapy comes close to. Each of these therapeutic technologies works by distinct mechanisms.

Placebo-controlled studies published in 2017 & 2018 show the huge potential of EMTT – both as a stand-alone therapy and as a supplement to focused shock wave therapy (ESWT). While ESWT uses high energy acoustic effects on a local treatment area, EMTT uses high energy electromagnetic effects on a regional treatment area.