Ultimate Transformational Healing Cleanse

at Sea Princess Castle in Palm Coast, Florida


Ultimate Transformational Cleanse October 2017

Organic Juice Cleanse - October 2-9, 2017

A rapid method to detox and rejuvenate the entire body on a cellular level. Benefits include increase in weigh loss, vitality and mental clarity.


  • Daily Kundalini yoga and meditation
  • Advanced bioenegertic healing 
  • Personalized Healing Program
  • Self care education and daily routine

Price: $3235.00

Organic Inner Klean Cleanse - October 11-19, 2017

A Feast - not a fast: Indulge on 3 organic meals daily prepared specifically to replenish your body of essential minerals. Tone, detoxify and balance your mind, body and spirit, as well shed Excess Weight & Emotional Baggage.


  • Daily Kundalini yoga and meditation
  • Powerful Polar Ice Therapy
  • Learning Yogic healing techniques as taught by Yogi Bhajan
  • Customized Chinese herbs & detox bath
  • Advanced bioenegertic healing 
  • Personalized health evaluation 

Price: $4672.00

Water Cleanse - October 21-29, 2017 Sold Out

Water is the most powerful method to stimulate natural stem cell production for rapid healing of chronic health conditions and clearing emotional mental stress at its root. 


  • Personalized medical monitoring 
  • Self care education & daily routine 
  • Daily gentle yoga
  • Sunbathing

Price: $2198.00