Dr. Nirinjan Khalsa

I searched many years after my near-death plane crash in 1999 for various methods of healing my physical, mental and spiritual bodies. When I met Yogi Bhajan PhD, Kundalini Master and Mahan Tantric my life forever changed. Yogi Bhajan gave me my spiritual name directly & told me as I sat next to him “You’ve taught this yoga many many life times, DON’T miss it in this one..Teach the Yoga”. The force of his words literally echoed through my entire being yet he was whispering as we were on stage in front of people coming up to him. To this day I hear Yogi Bhajan’s voice often in meditations and he is a powerful guide. 

After studying and practicing Kundalni Yoga & Sat Nam Rasayan for over 18yrs and teaming up with some very powerful healers I created Transformational Healing Universe. A place where anyone can come and explore the vast universe of Healing. A place where a person can learn to heal themselves and can learn various healing modalities to do so. 

I love my patients and especially caring for the elderly. I have dedicated 11yrs my life from 2006-present administering various herbs, diet and Advanced Bio-energetics to help fight Alzheimer’s and caretaking my papa since he has the disease. I also LOVE chiropractic and its powerful miracle effects on patients. I am a graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College & traveled the world with various doctors healing and helping elevate people’s consciousness. 

I feel grateful and honored to be on the path and working with some of the most powerful healers of our time. I am always forever learning new healing techniques and in the process of developing a powerful healing program that incorporates both modern and ancient technology to assist humanity on its journey to heal.