Healthycell created a proprietary system to optimize cell health way beyond multivitamins called Healthycell® Pro. In addition to the essential vitamins and minerals from the most bioavailable sources, it includes: •60+ epigenetic modulating phytonutrients for different aspects of cell health •Unique morning and evening formulas for a 24-hour nutrition cycle •Probiotics and enzymes to boost absorption and digestion Independent qualitative studies show that, within 12 weeks, users report 88% improvement in sleep and 2 of 3 people report more energy and sharper focus. (Focus Pointe Research) Independent quantitative studies show users experience an improvement in DNA damage rates and inflammation profiles. (Journal of Clinical and Translational Research)

The only multi-nutrient system that impacts the “building block” of the body – the cell – to optimize quality of life and healthspan. Contains the essential vitamins and minerals to replace your multivitamin, combined with 60 phytonutrients to impact cell health, probiotics and enzymes for nutrient absorption, and unique morning / evening formulas for a 24-hour nutrition cycle that improves sleep, boosts energy, and sharpens focus.


BENEFITS - A difference you can actually feel

Study participants reported improved sleep, enhanced energy, and sharper focus. After completing a baseline health and wellness questionnaire, study participants began using Healthycell® Pro. At week eight and twelve, they completed another questionnaire that assessed specific areas of overall health and well being: energy, sleep, and focus. The exciting results are graphed to the left. Additionally, 61% reported improvement in the appearance of their skin.

    Week 8

    • Week 8 scores show improvement in each of the three areas evaluated compared with baseline
    • 68% reported improvement in quality of sleep
    • 58% reported improvement in their energy levels and mental focus
    • 61% reported improvement in the appearance of their skin

    Week 12

    • Self-assessments after 12 weeks show continued improvement compared with baseline
    • After 12 weeks, the proportion of participants who saw improvement in sleep increased 20% over Week 8, with 88% reporting improvement over baseline
    • 65%, or about 2 out of 3 participants, noted improvement in energy and mental focus

    Inside this multi-nutrient system for cell health

    90+ vitamins, minerals, and protective phytonutrients, combined with probiotics and enzymes for advanced cellular nutrition. It includes AM and PM formulas for a 24-hour cycle of nutrition, phytonutrients for different aspects of cell health, and absorption boosting ingredients. It also includes specific phytonutrients that have been shown to have positive epigenetic effects at the cellular level.


    Independent Quantitative Studies:
    The first generation of this product was clinically tested in 2002 for DNA repair potential. It tested significant for improving DNA repair (Study Link Here). This study represents the first time a broad-spectrum formula of essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients was combined with DNA repair extract ac-11® and used clinically.

    A 6-week randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study was done in 2014 at a major Florida Medical University on the previous generation of Healthycell® pro (called Healthycell® plus). The study tested the formula’s ability to improve biomarkers of cell health.  The results are pending publication but the conclusion of the independent authors is below.

    Conclusions: Overall, our findings indicate an improved inflammatory profile and a decrease in DNA damage; two known inducers of cell senescence. Additionally, the results suggest that the efficacy of Healthycell® Pro was primarily in older adults, where the processes that cause or are associated with cell senescence are more predominant. Thus, this dietary supplement may help to counteract the inflammatory effects of aging that lead to both cell senescence and the multitude of age-related chronic diseases.

    Independent Qualitative Studies:
    A voluntary response survey was completed in 2014 by an independent organization called Focus Pointe Research across the United States on the previous generation of Healthycell® Pro (then called Healthycell® plus). The results show significantly improved sleep, energy and focus. (Study Link Here).

    White Paper on Cell Health:
    A white paper was written by Dr. Sean Hagberg and Dr. Giampapa in 2013 that explains the scientific effect and epigenetic design of Healthycell® pro. It is titled “Intervention of cellular aging through epigenetic modulation and use of unique phytoceutical complexes and their effects on key drivers of cellular senescence.” (White Paper Link Here)

    As a further explanation of the epigenetic design inside Healthycell® pro, please see the Epigenetic Diagram put together in conjunction with Dr. Sarah Luna, Ph.D. form Cornell University. (Epigenetic Diagram Link Here)

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