Dr. Khalsa on Local KTLA news explaining the latest NASA technology for spinal correction and pain relief


Welcome to our Natural Pain Relief Chiropractic Healing Center. My name is Dr. Har Hari Khalsa and I want to introduce our clinic to you.  Wether you are a local San Pedro resident or coming from out of state we strive to assist you to the next level of your healing. We offer some of the worlds most powerful healing technologies for energy scanning the physical, emotional, mental and energy bodies as well as other amazing healing tools to address every ascept of the whole person. Our goal is to help you heal at the deepest and most profound level possible. That includes first getting you our of pain both acute and chronic. By utilizing a combination of classic chiropractic techniques and advanced energy medicine technologies we regularly help people back to a pain free lifestyle as soon as possible. Then we guide you to better choices to help create a wellness lifestyle.


Dr. Har Hari has been a practicing Chiropractor for 29 years. He has studied healing technologies from all over the world and has incorporated a vast amount of his knowledge and wisdom into the design of the clinic and the individual care of the patients. Please watch the videos below for a deeper understanding of what we offer and what we are about.


Dr. Khalsa takes you on a tour of the clinic in San Pedro 

Dr. Khalsa explains the Biocharger NG advanced energy healing platform.