There are many benefits of receiving a Cyberscan session.

One benefit is reduced stress and nervousness.

A Cyberscan session improves sleep and dream recall, enhances mental clarity, memory and focus.

Cyberscan sessions reduce depression and addictions, improves overall health conditions and reduces the aging process. Cyberscan sessions enhance muscle mobility and coordination.

Here is what our colleagues reported so far about successes with the CyberScan treatments (only some samples):

Reflux gone in 2 weeks

Skin rash gone within a few days

Chronic eczema gone after 2 treatments

Pounding and irregular heart beat and low blood pressure are gone within a couple of treatments

Stomach and bladder problems (for some 40 years) gone after a couple of treatments

Chronic fatigue (for 5 years) gone after 2 months of treatment

Different chronic health problems, gone after CS treatments

Chronic sinusitis, learning delays and behavioral problems (Child) very much improves, also Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy improved to the point where the child can live a nearly normal life

Hypothyroidism treated successfully

Treating successfully the aftermath of Mercury Amalgam fillings and removal, also successful treatment of several allergies (for 10 years)

Personality development, depressions – CS was very helpful

Severe Glandular fever, improvement within 2 weeks (1 treatment), cured within 1 months

Severe skin conditions (open wounds, inflamed, itching) in a four months old child. After many months at conventional treatments, even nights in hospital, with the CS treatment the skin was absolutely clear within 7 weeks

“My success rate with the CyberScan has been over 92%”

62 year old male. Carcinoma clarocellulare of the left kidney with eleven mestastasis in the liver and five metastasis in the right lung. For such cancer types there are no treatments so far, not even chemo or radiation would help. Left kidney along with the adrenal gland were surgically removed.

After six months of CyberScan treatment the clinical check came up with "The liver tissue has recovered very well! No detectable metastasis in the lung and liver!" You can now imagine the kind of uproar this caused amongst the doctors in the hospital!

Patient B. L., 42 years, Police officer: Depressive mood, dizziness, gastritis since a few months. Just after the second CyberScan application, B. L. comes to my clinic beaming with joy: "The tinnitus that bothered me for more than 10 years has disappeared!" Tinnitus has never been previously discussed! After the fourth application, the stomach problems had gone away and from the seventh sessions on he could completely discontinue the antidepressants, the dosage which was being gradually reduced before.

Four female patients, 22, 26, 38 and 43 years of age: After an MRI of the brain and cerebro-spinal fluid puncture, the shattering diagnosis: Starting stage of multiple sclerosis. After eight sessions and in two cases after 10 CyberScan-sessions, the starting symptoms of deficiency disappeared, the dark regions in the brain had completely disappeared in case of one patient and reduced by 50% in case of the other three patients. The doctors who diagnosed it talked of a possible mix-up of the patients' files. The four patients did not undergo any other treatment except for CyberScan.

Patient B. K., 31 years of age, Cloth-salesperson: Pollen-allergy and multiple food allergies since many years. During the CyberScan-applications, I have specially observed a great deal of fungal infections. Just after the sixth application, the patient could ingest almost all the foodstuffs that were earlier not possible.

Patient V. D., 64 years of age, Electrical engineer: Irritable colon with 10-12 defecations per day. Extensive detoxification and mycosis treatment with CyberScan relieved the patient of his problem after five sessions.

Patient R. H., 32 years of age, Radio and TV technician: Epilepsy since 16 years with an average of two massive attacks per week. The CyberScan-treatment began in November 2009 with two-week treatment cycles and three-week cycles since March this year. The patient does not want to discontinue the treatment as he has not had an epileptic attack since 26th February 2010 (more than six months).

Patient U. D., 8 years of age: ADHD-Syndrome (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) with learning disorders, disorders of the fine motor skills and aggressiveness. Just after the third (!!) CyberScan-treatment, the girl's mother reported that she has become calmer, is not so aggressive anymore, is not afraid of going to school and is commended by her teacher at school.

Patient N. K., 37 years of age, Housewife: Dizziness of unknown reasons since many years. Just after two (!!) CyberScan-treatments, the vertigo attacks and their intensity reduced. No dizziness any more after the sixth treatment.

Stroke patient recovered after three CS treatments

Food poisoning – gone within hours after only one treatment

My pituitary adenoma patient continues to do well, and it is clear that her life was transformed, if not saved, by the CyberScan.

I recently treated a young man with a mystery illness undiagnosable by his previous doctors.  The Cyberscan showed Fabry's disease at "1 100", which fit his condition exactly.  He is currently under treatment.

I have just received the latest MRI report on my pituitary adenoma patient.  The tumor has continued to reduce in size.  The original size by MRI measurement was 0.81 cubic cm on 06/Oct/2013.  On 27/Feb/2014 it measured 0.648 cubic cm, a 20% reduction in mass.  On 29/Oct/2014 it measured 0.48 cubic cm, 41% reduction in mass from the original measurement one year ago.  She continues to improve symptomatically.  I attribute all improvement to the Cyberscan.  I have treated her almost every week with the Cyberscan for the past year.  Because the tumor is wrapped around the left internal carotid artery it was not amenable to surgery or radiation.

One year ago a woman aged about 36 years came to our clinic.  She could barely walk and barely see.  She was unable to perform daily tasks, had lost her driver’s license, and needed much care at home.  She could no longer care for her children.  She was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma which was not treatable by conventional methods.  She was on drugs for pain and other symptoms, and was dying.  She was receiving CT scans to follow the progress of the disease, but no treatment for the tumor.  Given her condition, the only treatment I offered her was the Cyberscan.  I began to scan and treat her weekly, and continued this until this day.  She felt some relief with the very first treatment, and slowly, week by week, she improved.  The next CT showed no progress of the tumor. The next CT showed a 20% reduction in tumor size. This was about 8 month after beginning treatment, last April.  As this was occurring, her symptoms continued to reduce. About 3 months ago she had improved to the extent that her driver’s license was restored, and she had her children back.  She is now nearly normal.  We are expecting her next CT to show either a normal pituitary, or nearly normal, as she appears to be fully restored to normal function.